New story, needs feedback

Hello! I just published the first 3 chapters of my story! I hope you’ll like it! chapter 4 & 5 are pending.

Can you check it out and give me a feedback please?

And if you know any story reviewers please feel free to comment down below! :heart:

Thank you!

here’s the link!

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I will read the 3 chapters and come back to you with feedback!

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I have read the first 3 chapters and:

The first chapter is a bit short, but the next two chapters have a good length.
I thought it was good and interesting story, and I would love to know more about her background story, like her experience with being an orphan etc.

Maybe you could add more things to make it more interesting and suspicious, so the reader will get eager to know more. (Like more cliffhangers). And maybe more events to lead up to more drama and juicy things?

But overall, a very good story with good grammar, humor and good coding. :heart:

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Ohhh thank you so much! And thank you for the tips it helps a lot you’re such a sweet heart :heart:

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Hey im a story reviewer! I would love to read your story and give you feedback :grin:

Thank you! I’m looking foward for your answer🤍 if you have Instagram wanna tag me its kokko_episode. Thank you!

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I’ll get to reading it! :heart:

I’ve started to read your story, i think your doing a great job, spot directing, customisation. Its all perfect! :heart:

I think maybe change the story description to something which will make the reader understand the plot before they read it! :slight_smile:

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