New Story, New Author

Hey guys! I’m a new author of a new story and I’d appreciate it if I could get some tips as to what to do and what not to do. :slight_smile:


What do you mean? In regards to directing? Story writing? Avoiding cliches?

Also, welcome!

Maybe I could help?

Just anything that I could get would be helpful. And thank you!

Please do!

Here’s a few tips that I think might help you:
-I highly recommend characters customization.
-Having sounds is great too, personally, I think it makes the story more entertaining.
-And try to make the chapters long, try writing a chapter with more than the minimum (400 lines).
I hope these are helpful!

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Personally as an author, try to do the best directing you can, but also keep your story original to what you wanted. It’s good to make a few changes for fans, but don’t let it change a majority of the story. Get your fans involved and no matter what, ignore the haters. They’ve got nothing better to do. If you have a passion for writing, episode is a good way to get it out there. Good luck!

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Are you already familiar with some directing?

Some tips:

*Use good directing.
*Make your own covers.
*Be creative and original.
*Always answer content guidelines.
*Make a lot of choices (people LOVE when choices matter).
*For some reason Episode recommend people to include a lot of Romance and Drama in stories, so, try to.
*You can make a cliche story, just don’t copy an idea, make your own one and add a twist that will make it unique and interesting.
*I recommend using Ink as a new story,
*Customizing characters may be more “exciting” for some readers, but you can do less stuff in the story if you let people customize.
*If you DO want to customize, you’ll need a template, Ink has some default ones, if not, get it from someone.
*Don’t have any spelling errors in your story.
*Put a lot of effort into planning your story, don’t think about some general idea and then start writing.

If you want to learn more about directing, read and learn all the guides and templates scripts, search for help in the forums if you need some, make an example story to practice directing before actually starting to write a story.

I hope these tips helped you!

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Hey there!
Welcome to episode :grin:

My suggestions would be:
-Make sure you check your content for grammar, and typos.
-Allow the readers at least some level of customization.
-Let the readers make a minimum of 3 choices in an episode.
-Try not to have super short episodes (i.e. keep them more than 600 lines)
-End each episode in a way that will make your readers long to know what happens next.

I wish you the best of luck! :blush:

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