NEW STORY one in a billion. Need writers

HEY EVERYONE. I am looking for 4 creative writers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Who have creative views. I am looking for people who can give me American horror story vibes with some sci-fi the story is called one in a billion , a boy name Dallas who gets a vision of the world possibly ending, as the earth is taken over by aliens. He is a warrior to fight in an alien invested war Please respond if this is appealing for you and if you have ideas. I would like you to share them on the forum. Let’s get those creative juices going and create the best story episode interactive has ever seen.

I like the creativity of your story explanation

If you are not feeling the idea okay. But please don’t bring your negativity here. Thanks and have a great day

wonderful! I’m glad so all ideas are not off limits. Be as out of the box and crazy with it as you want


I absolutely love American Horror Story and would love to help!

Yesssss!!! More info coming your way