New story opinions!

Was wondering what people want to see?
I love writing story’s and was jw what people want to see more of.
I know some people love the ties between two guys and some hate that and don’t like that it is unrealistic. Please give me your opinions!

What do you mean “the ties between two guys”?

Just write what you like. :slight_smile:
You can’t please every reader. No one can do that.

It’s your story. :smiley:


Choosing between two guys

In my opinion most readrs actually want good written story - that is alfa and omega…
some might have some specific preferencies - like reading only mafia stories, while other might hate this theme…but what connect them all is none of them would read badly written story which doesn’t make sence and leave you with feeling like it was written by small kid.

So write what you want to write about because you will never please everybody with your theme and write it good so you will keep the readers interested in your chosen theme. :smiley:

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