New story out (Different)

Chapters 1-4
My story is live…

credit to: @epi.talent and @taylor.w.writes for the cover (on instagram) and
credit to. @epi_morgan for Dominique’s hair (on instagram)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: After Dawn and Dominique witness their parents get taken by hunters, they go on the run. what will happen when they meet people like them? Will they find love? Will they be safe?



Can I suggest editing your story description? I’m not sure if these are brother/sister so if yes this may not work for them lol. Feel free to use it if you’d like!

Dawn and Dominique are forced to go on the run after they witness their parents being abducted by hunters. Whether they remain safe or can avoid falling in love in anyone’s guess.


Hey yes they are identical twins thank you for you’re suggestion. :heart:


You’re welcome!

Thank you so much for this! Here’s my story:

Story Name: My Dangerous Gentleman
Author: Maine (Insta Handle: @Maine.Writes)
Description: The following night, Christie meets an assassin in blue suit.
Her brother, who vanished, has dark secrets that she learns about. How will she cope with the assassin around?
Chapters: 6 and ongoing