*NEW STORY* Out Of Reach

:lotus: Thank you so much for this thread! :lotus:

So, the LI in this story doesn’t show until Ep 4 but!!! It’s a really good love story.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something a little more hands on, I’m currently working on another story that I plan on publishing soon! :lemon:

Here’s the link to the THREAD & TRAILER/PREVIEW

Story Title: Androids

Story Genre: Sci-Fi / Romance / Mystery

Author: maevt

Story Style: Limelight

Number of Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Description: Jane lives in the year 2056. Human-like robots (Androids) roam every city in the world. They’re everywhere. Some question if they really are here to help…

Cool Attributes! :
:llama: Multiple Endings
:lemon: Choices Matter
:llama: Limited CC
:lemon: Points System
:llama: Mini Games
:lemon: Custom Wardrobe
:llama: Art Scenes
:lemon: Advanced Directing
:llama: Custom Game-Play style (:heart: Affection or :dagger:Action or ♜Intelligent)

Story Cover (made by me):

Socials [instagram]: @maevtstories & @maevtdraws
Socials [zepeto]: @xx.maevt.xx

  • This is my very first story
  • I would absolutely love and appreciate anyone who is willing to give my story a read & review
  • Please feel welcome to give my any advice / insight / tips, etc.
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Sounds great! I’d love to do a R4R if you’re interested :green_heart:

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I love the sweetness of childhood first loves!! Congrats on your release!

I would love to do a 3x3. Let me know if this is feasible.
Please let me know if you would like the screenshots via forums or Instagram (if so, I will need your handle, mine is @himeji.episode).

Also of note: I only will read the first chapter with screenshots and continue after you do the same. Then I will do the remaining 2 agreed upon.

UL: Mafia’s Thorn


Look forward to reading your story~

  • Himeji
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Thank you! And yes, 3x3 is fine and I’ll send you your screenshots privately on forums x

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sounds good i will do the same!

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Link - Episode Writer Portal
How many Episodes do you want to do??
I have 7 episode… :blush:

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I only have 5 currently so we can do 5x5?

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Yes! Definitely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sure :blush::+1:t2:

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Congratulations! :dizzy:

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Thank you so much :green_heart:

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Hi, I’m happy to do a R4R with you! I currently only have 3 chapters so please read the 3 and I’ll do the same for you :blush::sparkling_heart: send screenshots via PM

:sunflower: Title: Salt in The Wound
:sunflower: Full CC for MC, one LI, one ending, points system
:sunflower: Genre: Romance/Drama
:sunflower: Description: Her first love transfers back to her school after a year of not hearing from him. What if they cross paths? Will new feelings bloom? Or will her hatred outweigh these feelings?
:sunflower: Impactful Choices

If you want to see my story cover you can view it here it was drawn by me! :two_hearts:

Story Link:

My story explores - new + old friendships, hard past, moving on, coming of age, first love, family problems and more :sunflower:

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Sure! This sounds right up my street :sunglasses: I’ll get started on it soon x

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That’s great to hear! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts: Please do send screenshots via DM on Instagram or PM ! I’ll do the same for you as well :relaxed:

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Will do :relaxed::green_heart:

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Congrats sis
I’m up do r4r sis

Check out: Mentally forbidden
Description: It was hate/annoyance at first sight.
When he starts to get close to the truth of your dark past, will you still be able to resist him?
Author: Queen E
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
*I try my very best to update every week (on the weekends)
Please recommend and share if you like it!
Got any suggestions?? LET ME KNOW!!!

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Wanna do r4r dear?

Sure just let me know

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G4g too?
When we want to start dear?