New Story! Please, I would like to share my work

Hi! I’m Kiwi and I released a new story almost 2 weeks ago. The story currently has no reads and I’m looking for any readers. I’m willing to do a read for read or a small piece of art for a read. My story only has the first episode but I’m currently fixing up the episode 2 and 3 and have hope of them being released in about a month or two. The story is about a team of criminals and ‘good’ guys helping the FBI with an investigation about a serial kidnapper. The story has romance and mystery as well as mature themes and possible tw.

My story link

also please reach out to me on my Instagram if you feel like giving feedback (very much appreciated) or just want to chat :grin:

Insta: @/ or @/

Have a nice day!


U may get more reads once u publish at least 3 - 5 chapters since readers tend to want to binge read stories (:

If they can’t binge read, then they tend to save the story to their favourites section, wait for more chapters to be published, then they’ll return and binge read it (:

Thank you for the feedback. I have heard that that does help before, and I was planning to release at least 3 episodes together but I wasn’t able to get them all completely done on time. Thank you again, hope you have a great day :blush:

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You’re welcome & u too (:

Hi! I don’t know how many people will see this but it is Kiwi again! I have the first 3 episodes out and would love it for anyone to read my story and give me any feedback that they can! It doesn’t have any reads and I worked really hard on getting published so if you have any tips on how I may increase my reads as well that would be very much appreciated. Hope you all have a great day :blush:

all the very best! Bump!