New story please please read

I just published my first story called Looking in a Mirror and I would love for some more people to check it out. Since it’s my first story the directing might be lacking but the plot makes up for it. Im also willing to do R4R’s if anyone is interested.
Summary: The story is about a young girl that suffers in life due to her hard life and being the outcast she constantly wishes for a new one. One day her wish came true but soon she will realize the grass is much greener on the other side.

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Heya i can do r4r with you if you want :smile: I’m sort of new too, authors gotta stick together :wink: And also i can recommend you these stories:
Mum Know`s Best by @BEEBS07
Unfamiliar World by lan_episode_ (insta)
Neverland by @Maggy
Here’s mine



Love the pic!

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Hi! I’m doing r4r and giving feedback! If you are interested please fill out the form in my IG bio! @annawepisode :blush:

I would love to r4r I’ll go check out your story and give my feedback

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I read your story and I think it was good for a first story and I can see similarities in our directing. There is something I learned about spot directing and walking that I think will be helpful to you. When someone is walking into a certain spot for example 1.000 300 21
before they walk to the spot you should set them in the spot 1.000 -100 21 when they are walking in from the left and 1.000 900 21 when they are walking in from the right. Using this will help things go a little smoother and the body wont change heights when walking to a spot. Also I love how you gave a disclaimer in the beginning for the other story because I could interest people in reading the book after your story.

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That actually helps me a lot! Thank you so much for reading and opinions i’m so happy that you liked it :blush: I’ll let you know as soon as i’m finished

Hi I would love to do a R4R with you with my new story !



Genre: Romance & Comedy

Description: Married at first sight, uh? Seemed like a good idea until Maya found out that the perfect match she was supposed to be with turned out to be everything but what she dreamed of.

Chapters: 3 (on going)

No CC, Limelight, love interest

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Hey! I also just published a story today and it would mean so much if you could read it :heartpulse: I’m open to r4r if anyone is interested.

Title: Blood Bound
Author/Instagram: Kathryn L. (@kathrynstoriess)
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Summary: Everything seemed perfect in the town of Stone Haven, and especially in Kaelyn McCormick’s life. It wasn’t until one tragic accident turned her world upside down. After a fatal car crash, it left Kaelyn wondering how she survived. That is, until she found out that she was turned into a vampire. Now, Kaelyn must learn how to live in the shadows, while also dealing with a new looming threat that is putting her town in danger.



Hello!!! Here is my story! I’m up for R4R!!! Please let me know! :blush::blush:

Title: Tender Love
Author: AnaIz16
Genre: Mystery ,Romance, Drama
Episodes: 6 (in progress)
Summary: Helena suffers a traumatic loss. A wrong decision was taken. And her dead boyfriend haunts her. The past brings someone who is capable to change her life, w
cc, and choices available!
Style: INK CC



Hello! Would you like to do a R4R with me?! :smiley:

Maam how to publish a story??