New story plot ideas

Hey everybody!
Unfortunately, i have writers block and I am struggling to find a good story plot.
Can anybody plz give me some ideas to write about?
Thanks, Cartoon_Lover1 :heart:

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Well I don’t know if I can help with ideas…but what type of genre of story would you most like to write about?

Mostly Fantasy/Adventure

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Hmmm, well it’s gonna probably suck but…

A group of friends/The MC who fights those who he/she/they deems wicked and sometimes steals from them, one of the items being a way to another land/seeing of reality?

I have no idea lol

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Here’s an idea:

A group of people (ideally a diverse group of seemingly random people that got there in some unknown way) find themselves in a maze, the maze is some sort of an ancient underground complicated creation made by some kind of an alien species that spreads under the entire planet and supposedly solves some kind of an enormous human mystery if you manage to get out alive (there are so many, you can make something up, it could be a made up reason for life or why dinosaur went extinct or whatever) but in the maze there a lot of traps and mysteries that need to be solved. The people inside the maze need to work together to get to the core of the maze, solve the big mystery (the solution could be like a shocking end or a plot point) and then get out. The choices could be small stuff and some bonuses or you could, for instance, make the ending be a different one depending on choices and I think it would be cool if all the maze group members were the main characters, like switch point of views, but a one would be good too.

It’s just an idea, sorry it’s so unnecessarily long.

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