New Story Plot (INK)

they met at 14 fell in love and at 16 lost their V cards to each other a week later Arianna was kidnapped by a rival mafia (Russia) Lucas’ father arranges his marriage to the daughter of the head of the Russian Mafia completely unware they have Arianna its four years later Lucas is now head of the Italian mafia he is cold and ruthless since the love of his life Arianna was taken presumed dead on a trip to Russian Dean who is Lucas’ Best Friend & Second In Command visits The Kittens Strip Club & While watching the girls he sees to his horror Arianna he quickly takes a photo and sends it to Lucas who then confirms its Arianna and works out that the club is owned by his wife’s father and decides to take him on and start a war he goes to Russia to get his woman back even after all theses years apart she still knows him and they kiss she then reveals news that will send him overboard

The Russian Mafia have his son & Daughter

what do you think?


Okay, maybe add some punctuation? It was really hard to read :sweat_smile:

It seems really cliche, with the whole high school sweethearts and mafia thing.

it was very confusing to read but i think i get it. I guess it is a little cliche but i love cliche stories and i’m sure lots others do aswell and when a cliche story is properly written with lots of twists it’s really good and interesting. If you made this into a story i would read it.

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