New story 'Prove Me Wrong'

Introducing my new story

Prove Me Wrong

Story description: Your family business suffered bankruptcy! You learned the man you left 5 years ago is the CEO of the rising clothing company you now work for. What could be his motive for hiring you?

Story genre: Romance with some slice of drama!

Story tags: Romance, love, drama, family, fashion, retribution, deception

Customization: Yes but limited to tone, eye & hair color + Play as the main character
(Female MC)

Choices: Make your choices in the future when they matter!

Story preference: Limelight cinematic

Love interest: One

Story cover:

I’ll appreciate every feedback, corrections, and suggestion as this appears to be my first cinematic written story :bowing_man:t4:‍♂

Thank you as you read❣


Love your story so much :100: I can’t wait for more chapters :clap:t4:

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Aww! Thank you for reading :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: