New Story Publish! (R4R, NOW OPEN)

Hey everyone, since I have seen many people do this I might as well do it too.

What’s this post about?
About my new story’s promotion since I am not a famous episode author so some help from my fellow episode fans would be appreciated.

My story’s name is: The Agents


Description: Luna has always wanted to be an agent but her father never alowed it, one day something changes and she takes up one of the most complicated missions.

Genre: Romance

Status: Episodes 1-3 out now! (more episodes coming soon)

Reply to this post for R4R or just because you want to :blush:

And that’s it,
I wish you all the best.


I’m interested in doing a r4r :blush:
Author : Simi.a

Title : Apply pressure

Genre : Romance

Style : limelight

Instagram : Simi.a.stories

Description : A strong-willed engineer. A billionaire CEO. They’re both fighting for what they can’t have. Can they beat the odds stacked against them? or will the pressure crush them both?



I will start reading your story as soon as I can :blush:


If anyone could take the time to read mine I would absolutely appreciate it!

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


Also up for r4r!

Thanks :hugs:

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We could do R4R
I will send you a screen shot when I have finished your story and I hope you do the same :blush:

I’d love to do a R4R


I’ll have to start yours later today If that’s okay.

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That’s totally fine, I will send you privetely screen shots when I have finished the story.

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I forgot to say that I will send you on a private message with a screen shot that proves I have finished your story I hope you do the same :grin:

Of course I’ll do the same :blush:

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I’d love a R4R!!!

Lemme know if you accept!


Yes I do accept, I will dm you screen shots when I finish the story :blush:

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I am interested in a r4r! For sneak peeks and updates please go to @snt_writes

Title: Broken Minds
Genre: Romance, drama, and action.
Type: Limelight
Summary: You have scars that won’t heal. Caused by pain, abuse, and heartache. What happens when you find someone who has the same problems. Will love heal those scars? Or cut deeper?
Art scenes
5 chapters out now!!!

Just reply if your in! :black_heart:
@lissa_draws_art for the beatiful cover


I’m up for a R4R!

Title: Loveless BFFs
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Author: Nora
Type: Limelight
Description: Gabriella a not so normal girl who falls in love to easily and Nora a girl who doesn’t believe in love at all. They both seem to have perfect lives going to a fancy university on a scholarship. But Gabriella isn’t too bright when it comes to love and Nora would rather be alone. There’s also Charlotte, Audrey and Kam, Nora’s sisters like to participate in hilarious schemes to find out things they shouldn’t know. What happens when Gabriella meets Alex and Nora gets set up.
Story Link: //

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I would love to do rfr

Want to do a rfr

Wanna do RFr?

What is your story?

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It’s LDR: Good at Lying

I will be sure to check it out :black_heart:

Hi, I can do R4R, I will send you screen shots when I’m finished and I hope you will do the same :blush: