New story published: Let It Be Love!

Hiya! :sparkles:

I’m a small author and I just published my story that I worked very hard on: Let It Be Love.

If you have the time and/or desire to read it and maybe even share it with others, I would certainly appreciate it :relaxed:

I also want to do Read4Read, if you want to!

Story name: Let It Be Love
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance/Drama
Story description: You have everything going for you; going to law school and a boyfriend. But what happens when a breakup results in two guys fighting for your love. Who will own your heart?
Current chapters: 3
Full CC and much more!

Story link:
Episode handle/Author: Pure_Rebel
Instagram handle: epipure_rebel

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Hi I would like to do r4r with you !
I will send you a message on IG!
My story
Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- flare

Instagram: @flare_888

Description:- Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the riches people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 12 (on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system

You can customize the main charecter and name it the way you want !

Cover :———-

Link :


I’m going to read it!

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Awesome! :heart_eyes:

I’ll read it ASAP and I’ll send you some screenshots by then, okay? :hugs:

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I will do the same :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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You’re amazing :relieved:

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Will add it to my favs n read when I find the time <3

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Aw, thanks! :sparkles:

Hope you’ll like it :hugs:

I have bookmarked it, I’ll give it a read. You can find my story link in my bio.

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Thanks for tagging me! I’d love to read your story

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Bump because this story is seriously good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi. I would love to do a r4r :blush:
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

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Will send you some screenshots by then! :hugs:

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Aw, that’s so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you like it! :sparkles:

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Thanks girl! :blue_heart::rose:

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Will read it ASAP and send you some screenshots! :relaxed:

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Thank you :hugs: I’ll do the same!

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I’ll also do READ FOR READ Hope you guys can read it, it really means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s mine :hugs:

:notebook: THIS IS MY STORY :notebook:
Author: Ava.S
Title: Fallen In Love With Hater
Story Genre: Comedy And Romance
Chapters: 3 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight


(If my English Grammar or Spelling got wrong please tell me🥺)



Thank you!

Will send you some screenshots when I’m reading it! :hugs:

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