New Story Published: Life's A Witch 🌙 + Doing R4Rs

Hi everyone!
I just published my second story, “Life’s A Witch.”
Author: Ariel C
Genre: Fantasy x Comedy
Style: Ink
CC: Yes!
Description: Stella is a witch that can control minds through seduction. She’s given the mission of a lifetime, but has to attend mortal high school. Life can be a real witch sometimes. CC
Instagram: @episode_ariel

With that saiiiiid, since it’s a new story - I’ll be doing r4rs for it :slight_smile:
If interested pm me here, but more likely to answer on instagram (@episode_ariel) a lot faster!


hffjjdfhgjjfkjgkg gibberish :scream:

You had me at witch, OMG, I love witches :heart_eyes:

I’ll add it to my list and check it out later :wink:

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Would love to hear your feedback as well hahah since this story is a loooooot different than my other story!

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i love your story! the directing is great, the spelling & grammar is great, the plot is amazing, and the characters are awesome too! i’ll definitely keep it in my favorites <3

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Ahhh, thank you so much! :heart:
I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

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yeah, i’ll put it in my recommendations! i hope you get lots of reads :yellow_heart:

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I just published my new story. I feel excited yet a bit scared at the same time since it’s new here, but I had fun writing this. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s my synopsis : You are beautiful. You are smart. You are funny. In short, you’re perfect. But here’s a one little thing, you’re dead. And he is the only one in this world who can truly sees you. :jack_o_lantern:

Title : Back To Life
Genre : (7+) Horror
Published : 3 chapters

Thank you for making this thread!


I will do a r4r

This is my story :blush:
Will send SS when I’m done

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aaaaaa the queen of matched is here!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::joy:
i’m gonna read it right now!! :grin:

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fsfahf oMFG I LOVE U ugh girl if u ever get an instagram hmu :’( i’d follow u in a heartbeat

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Great Title! That title alone will get you some reads for sure! Excellent.

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Thank you so much! Surprisingly, I don’t think some people understood the play on words for the title! :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL… I totally get it and it was a glorious play on the words, indeed. Great Job.

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Story name Vip Brother:Love is…
Authors name Megz_episode
Episodes 4
Instagram name megz_episode7997
How many episode you want me to review 4 are enough
Description A story about 16 celebrities who enter the house of Big Brother uder 24/7 surveillance for 2 months to win the prize of 500 000$, but before that they have to go through all challenges of Big Brother.
I would like you to promote my story.
Style LL
Cover IMG_20190223_164712
Hi, this is my new story. I would be happy if you read it. I am willing to do the same with yours.


I’d love to do a R4R w/ you - you’ve already got me hooked w/ the title and description alone! Highkey gonna read your story right now. I’ll post a screenshot when I’m done. I hope you’ll enjoy my story. :star::crescent_moon:

Here’s my story:

Title : Crescendo
Author : Aurora
Genre : Adventure (wish I could label my story as Hollywood)
Style : Limelight
Link :
Description : You’re a part of a world famous pop band. Can you balance work, your love life, and friendships or fail at the hands of an abusive ex and the obsessed media?
Features : Full CCs, choices matter, points system, plenty of choices
Episodes : 7 ( more coming soon)
Cover :

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i’ll add your story to my list right now (:

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Love your story! It is so much fun - definitely a nice lil stress reliever for me (it’s finals seasons :sweat_smile:). I was just gonna post the title card, but like - Stella and Grayson are def a pair of hotties :fire: And, um, Luna and Marina forever have my heart because they have exquisite taste (JB is my forever favorite band :two_hearts:) :wink:
I’m looking forward to reading more of Life’s A Witch :star::crescent_moon:

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Thank you for reading! I’m glad you’re enjoying it hehe and sorry I’ve been busy all day :frowning: I just got home, but I’ll send you screenshots of your story ASAP once I’m done!

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Would u like r4r

Title: The Star Necklace

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity

Contains CC