New story questions

Hey guys! I am new to this episode and all! I would really appreciate if I could get some help from you!
I have a few questions in mind!
What kind of stories do readers like?
What are the stories that make the heart melt?
Thank you and sorry if I bothered you!
Love you all!


What kind of stories do readers like?
Different people like different things, but I personally like things that have bits of comedy in them. Just try keep your story different from others, and as long as you like it, that’s all that matters.
What are the stories that make your heart melt?
Not sure how to answer this one… slow burn romances are cute? I don’t knowwww. (Sorry for being unhelpful :upside_down_face:)


Thanks! Do you have stories that you posted on Episode!
If you have stories, I will read them and put them on the favorite shelf on my profile!


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Oh wow thank you! My story is called “Falling Together” :blush:


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Thanks dear! If I have any questions, I make sure to PM you!

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Not gonna lie, if you had to base it on reads — it’d be the mafia stories with poor grammar and poor directing. :skull:

But from my own experience as a reader (I’m mostly an author though) is that I tend to gravitate towards stories that are really well written — great aesthetics, good directing, good pacing, compelling storyline, great character development. I like thrillers, comedies, romcoms, dramedies, horrors, basically any genre will grab me if the story is great overall, but for me, it’s also important to have good love interests that aren’t toxic and glorifying/promoting bad or dangerous behaviors.

Stories that make my heart melt are stories where there is a close bond with family, especially daughter and father friendships and bonds. But that’s because it hits close to home for me. Other stories that melt my heart are stories with slowburn romances that are beautifully written and incredibly wholesome. I also love stories where there is a tragedy and it tugs at your heartstrings and causes your tears to seep out.


Thanks for answering me! Sorry if I bothered you!
Thanks, I keep these in mind!

Bye, :laughing:

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No worries and you didn’t bother me at all. :heart::blush:
I’m always replying to forums posts. :joy:

Do you have an episode story?

I have some really old ones but I don’t bother with them. I’m currently writing two new stories though and one of them is this:

Wow! I am still trying to make a romantic Mafia Story!

Everyone is different. If you look at the trending section, you could easily tell what readers like. But, that section doesn’t account for everyone who uses this app. I would say write what you like to write with elements of what readers like.

I don’t read on episode anymore but I did like the slow burn romances. I’m a hopeless romantic, so those cheesy stories are my favorite lol.


Q.What kind of stories do readers like?
A.-Why u wanna know what stories does readers like🤔
-whynot write a story that blows everyone’s mind🤯
I saw one of the authors wrote a book based on the story she published on this app.

-But if u wanna write same old stuff then u can go wit:
a)High School Romance Drama
b)Vampire/Warewolves Romance Drama
c)Mafia Romance Drama🤦

Q.What are the stories that make the heart melt?
A.-A very sad an unexpected death scene prolly.
-or one last time seeing that dead person.

Q.Do you have stories that you posted on Episode!


Definitely agree with the glorifying toxic and promoting bad and Dangerous behaviors it’s not something that should be seen as romantic or okay and acceptable.

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May I ask why mafia storys are looked down at? Just curious to see other’s perspective because the ones I’ve read aren’t so bad but I am aware some glorify toxic and dangerous things that aren’t okay.

Exactly and it’s so rife in the community! I’ve seen too many stories where the love interest likes to invade the MC’s personal space, especially without even knowing her or exerts his over-jealous behavior because MC was simply talking to another male or she was wearing something more revealing.
Worser examples would be those that force MC into traumatizing situations using sexual assault (conducted by the love interest) to teach her that she’s a woman and cannot defend herself against a man. :slightly_smiling_face:


YESS I agree people should not glorify male love interests being jealous all the time about the mc talking to another male or not letting her wear what she wants like wtf she can wear what she wants :neutral_face::unamused: and YES I hate when authors make a scene where the love interest has to save the mc from being SA lLIKE C’mon she don’t need him :neutral_face:. And it’s also pretty unreasltic although I understand most stories are.

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Yesss hopeless and cheesy ones are really good :sob: I always cry I also love ones with drama even though sometimes it’s annoying :neutral_face:

Hi hun, personal I like romantic with a spice of drama and comedy but I know a lot of people have their own opinion and preference so if your new to writing story you shouldnt look at what people like bc you will always find people who will judge and who won’t like your ideas but most people here are lovely and super nice and honestly I love to support new authors so you can pm if you need any help hun! :blush::kissing_heart: