New Story: Reads 4 reads

Hey everyone!

I would like to do reads 4 reads with out feedback ( I need a break from writing feedback)

How it will work:

  1. You read my story
  2. Post snapshots of my story ( all 3 episodes) here.
  3. Then I will read 3 of yours and post snapshots here as well.
    Simple as that!

Savannah’s Light
Genre: Mystery

Pearle’s visions of her sister are getting stronger and the messages are getting clearer. Will these visions cause Pearle’s high school experiences to crumble?



Yes, i wanna read your story but mine should be out by now but they didn’t approve my cover since thursday soo annoying

so yeah i will read yours and i send SC

Okay great

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Hey there i have read ur story and i am in love with ur idea

Heres a screenshot

Now u can read my story its out it called The twins

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Please send other screenshots to my Instagram @episode.Nikkiloreal

I will start yours now.

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okey thank you

Hey, I would love to read your storie. when I’m done I will print screen here.
I’ll leave the details of my storie in case you want to check it out .:slight_smile:
Title: Shattered Souls
Style: Ink
Description: What happens when two shattered souls find each other? Will love prevail?


Hey can you please read ine and i will read your i promise and i will send screen shot too
My story the twins, heres a link

i will read yours if you read mine here’s the link and ill leave a comment aswell to show i read it i cant post screen shots cause I’m on laptop but i will surely read it thanks

My stories about a girl who get in a time warps which she continously dies everyday but finally someone helps here break out of it its called nine lives


Hi just finished your story.

yeahh thank you i’ll read your after because i am busy reading other
Thnak you tho

Hey they link you gave me is not found and i wanna make sure which one is ur story??

i just finished savannah lights i really like that its mystery and thank you i just you for adding more choices


Can you please check out mine and i check urs if u have

Okay thanks and what is the name of your story?

Its called nine lives ill read yours

yeah sure

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Sure,:slight_smile: As soon as I’m done, I’ll publish the screen shots here. do you want read for read only or review as well?

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Second one with the blue cover, They didn’t aproved the new one yet.