New Story: Reads 4 reads

i would love both read for read and review
I’ll read urs
thank you

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Is this right one?

I’Ve finished your storie. Souds interesting.
I loved the art work on your cover.
ANd i really liked this scene.

So don’t forget to check out mine.:wink:

Yup, I will read your own

no its not mine is nine lives *Episode 4 coming soon

thank you i will check yours out now

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Nine lives *Episode 4 coming soon

Hey there! I’d love to read your story and also I’d love to know your opinion on mine! :heart:

You can send me screenshots on instagram: daniellecassidy.episode

Here’s my story details :slight_smile: <3

Story title: Hollywood Bliss
Author: Danielle Cassidy
Genre: Romance (also a comedy)
Style: INK
Episodes: 5 (ongoing, 6 comming out soon!)
Story description: Sandy’s life turns wild when she becomes MC in a musical and her co-star is the most popular bad boy in Hollywood.

Story Link:

Author Name: am.writes

Title: Undercover Mother

Genre: Romance

Description: Ashley gets the best of both worlds being an undercover spy and an average teenager. What will happen when she juggles her baby assignment and also try to keep up with Jermaine?
Style: ink

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