New Story Released! (Plus More Stories!)

Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce that my new story, “Find Your Voice,” is finally out now! It took me months to write just three episodes since I was writing it during college, but the work has finally paid off! I hope you guys will give it a read, a long with my others! Fanmail and feedback is EXTREMELY appreciated, as it gives me more motivation to write and lets me know that you guys are reading! Feedback also helps me write better as I continue! Thank you guys so much!

:black_small_square:Find Your Voice
This prestigious academy of performing arts is filled with only the best of the best, and you’re one of them! But can you perform your way to a spot in the Semester Showcase?

:black_small_square:Be Careful
It’s been a year since the accident. Everyone’s seemed to move on, except the past itself. Is it back to kill you?

:black_small_square:Immortal Angels (I’m just realizing this could be an entry for the June Fantastical Contest! Eh, I don’t know, lol)
The new girl is beautiful, kind, graceful- she’s… perfect. But is there more than meets the mortal eye?

:black_small_square:Love Mission
When top CIA teen spy Kylie Jones gets close to teen menace Alexander Smith in order to kill him, she gets sidetracked.

:black_small_square:The Complex Unknown (Gonna have to change that title!)
Don’t let your uniform tear! Your dance team is falling apart at the seams. Can you stop it before competition?

:black_small_square:The Final Destination
Viewers, competitors, welcome. You have reached The Final Destination. (This was actually a fully interactive, collaborative game show I hosted, with other authors as the contestants! I need to start up season two, since school got in the way of season one!)

:black_small_square:Untamable Power (I NEED to update this!)
Can Envy tame and learn to control her powers she never knew she had, before the people hunting her for them find her?