New Story Section: Own Voices

Hello Episodians!

In our continuing efforts to support the diverse Episode community, we’ve heard from community authors that they would like more options for featuring outside of our Heritage and Identity based shelves.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce the Own Voices section, which features stories by authors of various identities and heritages. The Own Voices section is intended to spotlight stories by BIPOC and/or other underrepresented groups in our community.

In this section of the app, previously featured stories from our annual identity and/or heritage based shelves will now have a more permanent place on the app. Our goal is to have stories appear on the Own Voices shelves for approximately a year and new stories will be rotated in with each new heritage shelf and as more authors are identified.

Here’s where it is in the app! If you don’t have it at this exact moment, it should be rolled out to you shortly.

These shelves will be updated monthly to include stories from featured authors from this point on, which will also be rotated after a year. As we continue working on this project, and adding new authors and stories, our team may expand the identities and heritages featured in this section.

We appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and comments, and if you have them, please reach out to our support team.

– The Episode Team


This sounds really cool!


Love this idea. Thank you for listening to the community!


Wow, another new shelf!

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Hold on, cause this is actually great!


This is amazing

Does episode pick the authors? if so how would they know our heritage?

Is there a way to try and get on to the shelf?


love this!

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Hey, I want to ask a question I’m an arabic auother but I don’t have an arabic story is that means that they won’t add me in arab section?

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Very good idea.

Sounds great! :heart_eyes:

Love it!

They can since that is how the shelves they mentioned works and this is basically one of those but for longer.

So they won’t add me correct?

No, I am saying they would.

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they will only add the stories of people who have been on a shelf related to their identity and/or heritage. so, if your story is being featured on one of these shelves (for example the current AAHM) your story will be added to this new feature.


Oh okay :heart:


Amazing idea! And it gives me hope that FINALLY after 4 YEARS we’ll get some Jewish representation on the app! You know, since we’ve been asking for a shelf on our heritage month every year since you started with these and got the community’s support and you still didn’t even give us one week out of our month.


This is awesome! Hope my story appears there someday (I’m Asian)