NEW STORY! soon to be posted!


Hi there im autumn3481 on episode im the creator of MARS now the creator of LIFE OF MILLIE!!!
Im so excited to post it
but im debating to post it now or wait what do yall think I should do?

Its about the life of millie which we follow from divorced parents to a love triangle to friend affairs to so much more to come!
Tell me you would read this please I been working really hard to improve myself in this and I think I got it!!!


Moved to Share Feedback since it’s asking for feedback on a story idea. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


hello im the author of mars aand now the author of life of millie!!!
give it a read id like to hear comments!!life%20of%20millie%20small%20cover


I’m with and we do story reviews of new and underrated stories and then post our reviews on Episode. If you are interested in getting a story review you must follow us on Instagram (, read and follow the rules posted on our Instagram, and fill out this form!

Thank you and good luck!
P.S. I love your cover!