New Story That is in your interest?


HELLO! :blush: I want to start on a new story but I have no idea what I want it to be about. Is there anything that you guys recommend? To make sure it’s not “Cliche”


It doesn’t matter if your story is cliche, do what makes you happy.


If you have no inspiration or ideas about a story , I don’t recommend you should start on it, because it is a lot of work.


I have lots of ideas i just hate the fact that when i do comeback up with something someone always claim its cliche so that’s why they don’t like it but i know i can’t please everyone but it gets annoying


You have to ignore the haters. Yes, it’s hard but that’s the only thing you can do.


Ooooooooooooh! Then do what YOU want to do. Just try not to be problematic about it. Some people actually like cliche stories , and if you do , it’s okay! If you want some tips go to this link , it helped me a lot.


Okay thank you


Your right


Ah ty for including my thread :hearts:


I find future stories or gaming stories interesting, I like to see everyone’s opinion on what they think will happen later on, if technology takes over of if we figure out that technology is ruining our lives and ban it, ah idk I like reading stuff like this and watching Black Mirror on netflix