Hi guys !
I just wanted to share one of my story :slight_smile: I just started so only 3 chapter are out !
But I will hopefully continue to made new chapters : just getting used to coding again since I was on hatius in a long time . Hope you have a time to read it and if you want share to me what do you think of it :wink:

Title : The Heiress Model And the CEO
Author : xShazDazzle

Little resume of the story : When Charlotte’s career as a model is going to take off, her dad died due to an accident , after his dead, Charlotte discovers that she lost her prorerties when her dad gave them as a price to a game at the casino, to an mysterious CEO.

Also if you want to check out my first story is : My One Night Stand Boyfriend , it has 14 episodes I ended season one and I will start to write season two soon as the same time continue The Heiress model and the CEO, :wink:

Title : My One Night Stand Boyfriend
Author : xShazDazzle

Little resume : Anne good and nerdy girl meets Derek an arrogant and playboy rich boy but after a one night with her , he changes , will he convince Anne , that he isn’t only a rich playboy?

Thanks for the attention ! :hugs:

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