NEW STORY: The Human Race, By: Stephanie Patrick

Wow that was a mouth full, eh?

So it’s been awhile. (since about 2016?) I haven’t written anything on Episode or anywhere else really. I swore off storytelling for a very long time, but my daughter is much older than when I first started writing on the app and is now an avid Episode Reader. She’s recently been begging me to write on the app again (Using my real name) and I have finally succumbed to her wishes.

That said, I present to you…

The Human Race

I am a very busy person, but I try to post chapters ASAP (every 1-3 days until complete).
I work hard to always keep each episode packed full of unexpected plot twists, spurts of detailed writing, and loads of emotional drama to keep you entertained. My stories never really seem to fit one particular genre so I’m sure there is a little of something in this story for everyone.

I Hope you enjoy it!

Please, feel free to leave any feedback, questions, or comments here, or write directly to my fan-mail.

Thanks & Stay Blessed! -SP

5/16/21: Episodes 1-3 now live.
5/19/21: Episode 4 is now live.
5/23/21: Episode 5 is now live.
5/28/21: Episode 6 is now live.
6/01/21: Episode 7 expected release.


Do you have a daughter?

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Added to my list!

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I appreciate you very much :slight_smile:

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing! (and Reading…lol) -SP


I’ll be updating the cover soon. My daughter picked out this one of the three I made…
What do you think?


It looks nice but I don’t know if it will get approved because it has a real person on it which is not allowed. :thinking:

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I was not aware of that change. I’ll try to see if I can work up something similar to it .

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing (& reading!) -SP

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Okay… I guess this one should do the trick :slight_smile: I even like it better than the other one, so it all turned out well in the end :slight_smile:


i would take a look at your story!


I appreciate that very much :slight_smile:
Stay Blessed & Keep Writing -SP

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Turns out that coding in the Portal is like riding a bike. You never really forget once you’ve learned it. Granted, you might be a bit wobbly getting back on, but you quickly find yourself taking those hills with ease. Episode 4 is well on the way! :slight_smile:

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UPDATE 5/17/21

Chapter 4 is complete! Although I’m struggling with time to make the chapters/episodes longer for you, I’m somehow managing to get it done! Once the backgrounds and the new new covers are approved, I’ll post the new chapter right away.

Thanks & Stay Blessed! -SP

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UPDATE 5/18/21

Sooooo, I submitted my art/edits in the wrong order. I have what I need for episode 5 (unless I change my mind and decide to make more, which I often do), but I’m still waiting on what I submitted for episode 4 :frowning: (Yep, leave it to me to get it all backwards, lol…) Anyway, I suspect I will have my backgrounds for episode 4 approved by tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the new covers were approved! yay!

I guess I will be back tomorrow for updates either way!

Thanks & Stay Blessed -SP

UPDATE 5/19/21

Episode 4 is now live!

TY & Stay Blessed! -SP


Important update:

Alright, y’all… So, the feedback so far has been that my first chapter was way too short.
Because of this unanimous feedback, I have made the following changes:

Episode 1 - Now a combination of episode 1&2
Episode 2 - Formerly episode 3
Episode 3 - Formerly episode 4
Episode 4 - Formerly episode 5 (working on 5 now)

and so on…

You will see these changes when I finish writing episode 5 (now episode 4). I will inform you when I update the script so those of you who are reading can stay on track with the story by rereading chap 4 (which will technically be the new chapter for some of you)

Secondly, while I’m here, I might as well mention that, yes, there will be low-cost gem choices sprinkled throughout the game to give the readers extra advantages in attraction levels (point gains) for multiple love interests within the story. Lastly, I will not be participating in “skip the wait” or any pay-to-play early releases until possibly the final 1-3 chapters.

I appreciate all of you who are taking the time out of your day to read my story and providing me with your valuable feedback!

Thank you & Stay Blessed :slight_smile:


UPDATE: 5/21/21

Episodes 1-4 have been updated!
For those of you reading, please re-read episode 4 (actually episode 5) to stay caught up :slight_smile: (please see my prior post)

** Edited to add. Please, let me know if you have any issues due to my update!

TY & Stay Blessed! :slight_smile: -SP


Important Update: 5/21/21

The Human Race broke into the top 100 in Fantasy today!!

TYSM everyone & Stay Blessed! :slight_smile: -SP

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UPDATE: 5/22/21

Episode 5 is well on the way! All of my backgrounds are approved for this episode as well, so I don’t see any reason for any delay on the posted 5/24/21 expected release date. If anything, I may have it released earlier than I intended.

Note: I’m happy to see most of you who are reading are actually paying Gems for some of the premium choices in the game!! I appreciate it so much! I tried very hard to make these sparsely placed premium choices low-cost yet, well worth the Gems you spend! And for those of you NOT spending Gems, (Cause trust me, I know how it is to run out of Gems! lol) sharing my story is absolutely an AMAZING way to support me and is just as appreciated!! XOXOXO

Thanks Again & Stay Blessed!! :slight_smile: -SP

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