New Story: The Second Sorority (College Days entry)

Hey guys! I have just submitted my College Days entry called The Second Sorority! Please go check it out and tell me what you think either through Instagram, here, or fanmail! Thanks!

Either search “College Days: The Second Sorority” or click the link

Hi @stormiethewriter!

First of all, congratulations on publishing your entry! I’ll gladly check out your story :wink:

This isn’t quite the correct time to advertise your story as reads do not matter right now. I suggest that you wait until 26th to advertise your story, so any reads you gain will benefit you. For now, you can remove the link and hide your story on your profile, when it’s 26th, you can gladly put your link and even start doing R4Rs!

However, this is just an advice. It’s still your call, good luck on your entry nevertheless! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Meh names Addi lmao but luckily I put in Addilyn (my full name)

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