New Story Title Suggestions?

Hey guys! So previously, I have asked about plot twists, but this time I want that idea to have an appealing and unique title. Basically, a title that no author has used, but is also unique that will interest the reader to read more. I have the general plot again, but I would like for u guys to give me title suggestions:

So, the general thing is that the MC is in college. One day, at a club she joined, they were all planning to go to an amusement park/places of some sort to celebrate their two-year anniversary for the club. However, there were a few conditions. The day they go to the amusement park, the group will split to partners. The main MC thought that her bestest friend from elementary would want to go with her as she doesn’t really know anyone else, but in reality she ended up betraying her and her trust by going with a guy she doesn’t even know as well. While everyone else was paired up, she was left with the “crazy guy” since he had no one to pair up with either. The friend claimed that she didn’t want to go with her because she wanted to benefit her to meeting new people and make a boyfriend, bc initially she’s a lonely person. (but why would a friend do this?) So they ended up getting paired and it got really awkward. Again, that friend thinks it’s for “her benefit” which was why initially my old title for the story was “Not for my benefit” but i felt it wasn’t very good for a title. They ended up faking their relationship to show the friend and that friend’s “boyfriend” that they are in a good relationship, but then as they spend more time together they realize that they are falling for each other either way.

So previously…I have thought of the title “Chances of Loving Me” but I felt it was a bit bland for a title, what do you all think? since i thought of it as, like a lonely girl who thought who couldn’t get a boyfriend, and her “betraying” friend doesn’t really care, ends up falling in love, so i thought it was like “chances” but idkkk now lol

Okay, that’s basically the plot…anyone who has title suggestions feel free to list them below! Thanks! :heart:

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Selfish benefits?
Or maybe False Motives?
Ooh, how about Last Chance at Love?


Imo, there are two kinds of titles: proper noun titles (like The Doberman and Galactic Game), and plot summary titles (very descriptive ones like I Married a Millionaire, or more subtle ones like Undeniable Flame.)

If you want a proper noun title:

  • The guy’s name (would only really work if he had a super unusual and fitting name)
  • The name of the school club
  • The name of the amusement park

Plot summary titles are a little harder, maybe something referring to:

  • The faked relationship
  • The competing relationship
  • The first impression she had of the guy

I’m blanking on a specific idea… “A Realer Relationship” is the best I’ve got, still a little lame though. :joy:

“Happier Than You” is another one I could cough up lol, a title with the note of competition showing in it.


mmhm thanks that’s helpful! And your titles are way more unique than I can come up with lol :blush:

If you end up coming up with anymore good titles let me know :slight_smile:

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You can use

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Serendipitous sounds so fancy! lol that’s a good name for a title tysm!
tbh i actually had to search up what serendipitous meant haha :sweat_smile::smile:

It means “a chance meeting”

yep :slight_smile:

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