New Story Topic needed plz

Hey everyone!
I’m starting a new story on Episode but i am not sure what topic to do it about.
Could i plz have some examples or choices to choose from?
Thxs, @Cartoon_Lover1

I’m not very good with descriptions but how about a crime mystery?

You daughter/son vanashes while walking home from school, while the whole town searches but struggles to find any evidence relating to her disappearance, you start to receive messages from an unknown sender. The person sending these messages writes riddles to direct you to clues to find where your child is. The problem is the sender clearly tells you they are watching you and if you try to ask for help or go to the police your child will die. If you fail to find them within a certain time frame they still die.

Or the same story but instead of riddles they give you (horrible) tasks to complete and if you refuse or fail your child will die.

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A modern day phantom of the opera type romance?

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Explain plz…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A modern day girl in a musical play at high school or college who has a mysterious voice coach she has never met. The mysterious man causes accidents to rid of the lead female in the play and give it to the girl. Mysterious ciach gets jealous when and old flame enrolls in her HS or college.
Ehhh probably doesn’t make much sense without seeing Phantom of the Opera.

So instead of taking place in the 1800, give the story a modern day spin.

okay :blush:

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