New story ! uploud yours to

hey everyone !! i have just wrote my first story on episode which i would be so grateful if you could read it.
ive been a amassive fan of episode for ages and though it was time to write my own :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
secrets… how bad can they be?
will out find out how bad they can be :shushing_face:
in a worl full of supernatural secrets, what happens when dawns life is turned upside down from meeting blade, but they are connected somehow since 1772 before dawn was alive.

currently working on a better art cover but will be out soon :kissing_heart: xx
hope you enjoy :heart:

share your stories here to !!!


your story sounds great! here’s mine

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Title - R&R: Till Death Do Us Part
Author - Baked Potato
Genre - Romance
Chapters - 3 (More coming soon)
Plot - (Description) Family is everything to you and that’s why you are sacrificing your whole life to save your sister by getting married to a famous actor. Will it be a movie worthy romance?
Extras - Full CC for MC/LI, M/F LI, M/F MC, Plus size choice, choices (can result in points)

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Title: Heart Over Crown :cloud::heart:
Genre: Drama/ Romance
One LI! One ending! Free Art scenes & gems choices!
Instagram: @cesi.writes

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I would appreciate if you would try to read my story and post it on Instagram :heart:
The sassy girl & The arrogant boy
Author: Shilat
Story Genre: Romance with a lot of drama and action.
Chapters: 5 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight
you enlist to the army to become a medic. You are a sassy girl who says whatever comes to your mind. Your handsome arrogant commander is driving you crazy. HOW YOU DEAL WITH HIM? WILL YOU PASS THE HARD TRAINING? (M /1 LI,CC)

**Follow me on Instagram - Shilat.episode

Try my story The sassy girl & the aroggant boy. Check it out:

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Story Details:
Title: My Soul’s Desire
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: A happy ending wasn’t in store for them. Gone separate ways, growing without each other.
Miya swore off love, while he never forgot her.
What will happen when two worlds collide?
LL/CC/Art Scenes

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Your story looks really interesting - Ill check it out asap :heart_eyes:
heres mine;
Title: Smoke Then Lollipops


My insta @Episode_80 ~💫

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I’ll also do READ FOR READ Hope you guys can read it, it really means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s mine :hugs:

:notebook: THIS IS MY STORY :notebook:
Author: Ava. S
Title: Love, Hate
Story Genre: Comedy And Romance
Chapters: 7 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight
As a famous boy band leader, Liam. Because of an “accident.” , he switches bodies with a GIRL?!?!?! Is this an arrangement of fate? Will they fall in love with each other?


Instagram: @ava_the_writer

(If my English Grammar or Spelling got wrong please tell me🥺)


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Hello :wave::two_hearts:
Anyone interested to read my story ? :blush:

I published my story, hope you like it!
Title : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink :

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Title: Accidentally Engaged
Genre: Romance
Description: You’re just a regular girl going about your day when you bump into a hot guy and end up accepting his offer… getting engaged.


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Thank you for the thread :hugs:
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

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Thank you so much for doing this :heart:

Title : R&R: The Tree of Life

Genre : dark fantasy thriller

Link :

Description :

You grew up near an old tree. That old tree has seen everything from time to time. You always wondered if it could tell you your path in life. You get the chance to wake up the tree. But what if it turns out that this risk is not without its consequences?


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Thank you for this thread and congrats on publishing! :white_heart:

Title: R&R: Cloaked Lust
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Fantasy (with Romance ofc :kissing_closed_eyes:)
Chapters: 3
Description: The human realm is dangerous, but your sister’s life is on the line. Can the hot doctor you meet save her or will your risk not reap reward? [CC, F/M LI]
What can you expect?:

  • CC for the male and female LI and the MC
  • Advanced directing with overlays, zooms and mini games, several point systems
  • No important gem choices, there are only optional gem choices, that will not limit your reader experience, e.g. buying points, skipping mini games and supporting the author
  • New episodes will be released after Episode announces the winners, but no matter what, the story will be continued and finished! :white_heart:


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Thank you this thread🤍
I’m open to doing R4R🤗

Title: Out of love

Author: Ria

Style: Limelight

Genre: Romance

Description: When trying something different leads Amethyst into the arms of a stunning billionaire, is it true love…Or is it just lies and deceit?


Story link:

Ig: ria.episode_

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Wow sounds amazing !! Will have to give it a read !
Your art cover is stunning how did you do it ? I’m trying to get a cool art scene to draw people in but just can’t seem to look great , any tips ? Xxx

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Thank you! :white_heart:
I actually commissioned it from @/georgetarts on IG :see_no_evil:

Thankyou ! Do you have to pay for them by any chance ? Xx

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Yes, that’s a chargeable commission :blush:

Okay Thankyou :heart:

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