New Story: Upon a Rooftop

Hello Everyone, I’m a fairly new creator to Episode, I’ve tried in the past but I’ve lost all the details on what that story was about or the line the story was going down. Plus, that was when I was like 10, I think. There were so many errors and plenty of things wrong with that story so I’ve taken it down a while back when I decided to return to the community after so long. I might be new to the Episode creators scene but I’ve definitely been a diligent reader on Episode for quite a bit of time. I’ve always loved writing stories and such I’ve tried my hand on Wattpad many times but I’ve always ended up taking them down or completely forgetting about it. Now, I’m willing to hunker down and hopefully keep the motivation needed. This new story I’ve been working on is called Upon a Rooftop and I’m quite proud of it for the most part. Although it has not been published yet, I would appreciate it if you showed me some love by dropping a like on this post and a follow on Episode and Insta.
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Message me! I don’t bite, hard. :wink:

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Friends are great! Of course direct message me on here or on my insta.: gray_sharpie :smile: