New Story: Whiplash!

Hi there!!
I just published my first story: Whiplash and would love if you gave it a read!

Genre: Romance
Description: Constanza knows exactly how her summer vacation will go. She will spend her days soaking in the sun… but since when was a wedding and a boy in those plans?

  • Full CC minus skin and names
  • Choices matter
  • Custom Overlays and Advanced Directing

Note: This is a thread for my story please do not promote your own!


Hey, @lizawrites!
I read your story, and I was amazed. I literally have no words! Although, I have a question about the title’s name. I am not a native English speaker, and I looked up the word “Whiplash” in the dictionary, and it said that it is an injury resulting from a sudden sharp whipping movement of the neck and head. Does it mean that Constanza or Gael have been traumatized? I would like to know, so I can understand the story better.
Thank you,
Christina <3

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Congrats on publishing. beautiful cover!! I will give your story a read :pleading_face: :cupid:

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I think it would be the sudden and forcefully part, not the head trauma, it’s referring to.

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Hi there! I’m so glad you liked the first three episodes :blob_sun: Thanks for reading!

As @jar_output_error said, the title does not literally reflect the definition :joy:
Whiplash, when it isn’t used in terms of an injury, can mean a constant back and forth, “sudden” movement.

I hope that helped :heart:

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Thank you!! It was done by the amazing @pupplegum :heart_eyes:


I’m just going to bump this rq

If you’ve read the first three eps, what did you think?

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