New STORY!!!

Name: On My Own
Creator: Addy.epsiode

How to get to it: link in my Instagram bio: Addy.epsiode

Description: Katherine has been on the run from her family for almost two years. But what happens when she runs into Levitt who recognizes her family’s eye color? Will he rat her out, or will he kill her…

Please check it out and let me know what you think


I can add it to my list of stories that I’m currently working through! I’m trying to complete about one every day by reading at least 2-3 chapters and I give the author any improvements I think could be made, then I’ll give their story a shoutout on instagram at @episode.pistachio It may take a while for me to get round to yours as I work on my own story to get it ready for publishing, but I’ll add you on it! :heart:

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You are for real the sweetest person. Thank you so much and take you’re time no rush. If you need any help with coding or anything feel free to dm me on instagram I’m always happy to help.

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Np :)))

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