New styles for episode


I need to address something. I think there should be more styles, like a cartoon style and things like that since I am really getting bored of Ink, Classic and Limelight. I know this would be so hard for the episode community to make, but it would be a great. Who else supports this idea? Tell me what other styles you would love!


I love ink and I can’t see myself getting fed up of it, but I would like another style. I thought maybe mixing 2 styles so you can have 2 in the same story?
idk its rlly weird


you can actually mix two styles in 1 story! Infact. all threestyles, but it is very glitchy in the app.


Oh wow! You learn something new every day


would you like a link to how you can do it?


Here it is:
All Three Styles In One Story!:


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