NEW ~The Bean Art Thread. β™‘ Covers, Splashes, Overlays and More! (OPEN)

Hi, :wave: I am kylie :two_hearts: and welcome to my official request thread.
Their is one more member in my thread @Zaira123
:hugs: Here you can request:

  • Drawn Cover (2 character max.)
  • Edited Cover (5 character max.)
  • Character edit.
  • Drawn edit.
  • Simple overlay.
  • Splashes.
  • Banners.

I do 3 styles: LL, INK, Free draw character dolors.
Note: you can only do a custom pose if you use Free draw and find a pose on pintrest or Google.


  • Be kind and respectful towards others.
  • Use appropriate language .
  • Put your request in hidden detail.
  • Always give credit to @Cocoa_bean23
  • Dont steal, trace, edit, or download my art without my consent.
  • When doing edits include the character in their pose outfit and look as I wont except it if you forget.


Not finished with eyes.


Do you have examples?

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Yes here you go. I added them to the thread.

Hi! Can I join ur group?:blush:

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Hi I would like to request. Do you have a form that I could fill out? @Cocoa_bean23

Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to newest: ~Beans Overlay, edits, outlines, and clothing shop. (OPEN] πŸ’¨ :smiley: