New Thread Ideas! (Vote)

Hello beautiful, I am Cherry!
First off, let me know if I have happened to mess anything up when creating this, please.

So lately the community has seemed rather distant with one another and we need some new juicy threads, but we need threads that people are really intrested in. So my thought was to create a “new ideas thread” that revolves around threads themselves. People can share their new ideas particularly wanted to be located in “general chat” as we don’t need things such as, R4R thread ideas that for one doesn’t make sense, second we don’t need: “I need art?” As a thread idea, I think you get my mood there. Haha.

This is meant for fun, creative, unique ideas! Something to brighten up our lovely forums.

Now note, I have looked to see if anyone made something similar and I yet to see that someone has so pardon me there if I am wrong.

Here are some simple reminders/rules just to keep this thread on point!

  • Follow the Episode Forum guidelines. As always this is required.
  • Treat others with outstanding respect and kindness. Let’s show everyone who we are!
  • Keep your ideas original.
  • No off-topic things, unless they are compliments, things such as “hey this was already made.” Any extra ideas to go with it and more can be directly through PM. Please, and thank you.
  • Keep your polls, and ideas on point. By this I directly mean you should keep your ideas, and polls all in one message and related to your current topic. Any new ideas should be made in a new post.

My main goal here is to bring the community together and spice it up. I don’t want drama or necessary comments. If you violate any guideline rules or go off-topic you will be flagged. If I notice things that don’t go by my specific rules I will simply message you, Don’t worry I won’t bite!

I think I have touched every aspect here. If I happen to see things that I don’t like I will just let you know, and likely add stuff to the reminders/rules. Let’s come together as a community, and be awesome! ( :

Please feel free to tag people whom may be interested in sharing their ideas.


How does pitching an Episode story to imaginary producers/investors? It could be a new way to promote your own story or show your support for another story, helping it to get traction.

  • Yes! I’m ready to start pitching!
  • Not yet. I need some to think on this.
  • Definitely not! I prefer promoting stories the way it is!

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What exactly do you mean by imaginary producers/investors? Do you mean imagining telling your story to producers who could make it into something bigger?


That’s what I mean. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah! I’ve done that.


Is the thread open still?




Can you share the link?


I meant the thing you’ve done before.


Wait… what do you mean?


You said you’ve done something.


Oh! I meant I’ve just imagined myself one day telling producers about a story idea and showing them through episode. I haven’t actually made a thread for it or done anything about it really.


If you want, you could do this topic I made involving a pitch.


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