New Title for a New Book

Do you guys have any ideas for a title I can use for a story? I was thinking a murder mystery/horror/thriller type.


You might wanna add your story description :thinking:

OK, so basically, a new girl comes to this school, meets 5 friends, she goes to one of their houses, had some fun until one of them gets killed and the remaining are trying to find out who killed who…
(I hope this made sense)

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Who is the killer? :joy: Okay maybe not
but I tried


I like it

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I like it but did you 6-1 cuz there are 6 friends (including the one who got murdered)

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Or mystrical death :thinking:
Hunt for the killer :joy: thank you

Wow those two are also good!

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Ha if you say :innocent: goodluck with your story :wink:

Thank you! You are so sweet!

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i am devil :smiling_imp: haha thank you :sweat_smile::grin: shoot me up if you need anything, wanna random chat , or when you publish your story :upside_down_face:

Thanks, I’ll let you know!

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Oh sorry…i thought they were five

same here

It’s OK, although I got a title so I’ll put “6-1” as a quote, is that ok?

yeah its fine
whats the title tho?

Caught In a High School Murder
Murdering The Cliques (ooof that’s a bit dark like)

I changed it to Murdering The Cliques

I’ll use Murdering The Cliques

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