New to coding, help with character interaction

Hi! So I’m brand new to coding and creating stories. I literally don’t know anything, haha. So, I’m trying to make a scene for my friend which involves my character slapping hers. But I keep getting this message! Can someone please teach me how to do it properly? Thanks so much! image

You need to either put dialogue after the character or you can put it like:
@CHARACTER 1 is action then CHARACTER 2 is action

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Thanks so much! I think I understand now, I’ll let you know if it works :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure I’m doing this wrong, but I got this

Oh! You need to format it like this:
@LISA is slap_face then PINKY is slap_face_receive

You don’t put them in parentheses and you have to tab it over to the left edge.

Thanks so much! <3

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No problem! :grin:

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