New to episode need a cover for my story help 😩


How can I get a cover photo for my story :weary:


What kind of photo do u need


These three are my main character


I can help! What are the details?


Thank you!!!
They are triplets so Danilo and Alejandro
Eye: deepset piercing color white
Face shape : diamond
Skin color: tan
Eyebrows: thick arch
Elias is the one in the middle
The only thing different about him is his face shape which is chiseled square
Alejandro has short cropped hair
Danilo has a boy bun
And Elias is modern pompadour


Okay! What’s the title, the author name and the poses?


Title : casilla brother
Author name : gaby g
Poses Elias : arms crossed angry
Danilo : draw_gun
Alejandro : draw_gun


Episode harmony can


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