New to episode writing and looking for a cover art



Okay, I’m Hayley and I’m new to the whole episode writing thing, and I wanted a cover like the amazing ones I see on many of my favorite stories. I wondered If anyone could help and make me a cover? Thanks! (Yes this includes the large and small covers)


Can you show me examples on what your talking about?


Here’s the Main character


And her best friends brother


I’m here to help I do covers big and small dm me.


Hey I’m with @Natalie_c would u like some examples?


Those two are who I’d like in the covers, The background should be maybe a blue color but like a light kinda, if you get that I don’t know how to explain it, and She should have like a sassy expression and he being very cocky…that’s how I’d want it, I have a picture in my mind but I don’t know how I’d put it cause I have no idea how to make them


How can I show you?


We can


I completely forgot about the title, It’s My Best friends Brother, I said all the information I can…I don’t know what else to do to show it, I’m sorry…Maybe someone can work off of that