New To Role Play- Can Someone Explain


Hello. Can someone explain what the Role Play on here is and How I can join one?

Just give me as many details as you can, please. Thanks!


Role playing is just as it sounds: you play a role. Someone has set up a storyline and you create a character accordingly. For example, if someone makes a storyline that takes place in a school, then most likely your character would be a student.
The coordinator/creater of the story will have a sign up thread, there you will give info on your character and pick a FaceClaim, which a picture of your character. You can get this from the your own pictures or pick a random one from the internet. Then you wait for the official RP thread and begin playing.
As your character, you will talk to others and form friendships and rivalries, etc.
Most importantly though, have fun!

Here’s where you’ll find RPs. Some are already in session so you can’t join. Others you can.


I would love to help you! Any specific questions?