New to script writing ( need help with basic directing, transitions, etc.)

Hello! I’m creating a small town mystery story and I am super new to script and I believe that to pull off a good mystery requires a lot of details that I am definitely gonna need help with! I need the help from someone who is more experienced with overlaying, directing, the basics! If this is you, let me know!

Have you tried looking at the Basic Directing guide on the Episode Writers Portal?

I have tried out the tips and looked at the guides, it’s just a little confusing for me. What I need help with is the more complex things I guess.

Episode diamonds are

Do you need a overlay a cover a background we can help

Yes I need help with the background, I don’t know if it’s possible to move the background, like move the “camera” to all the zones?

The thing with zones is you can only show one zone at a time if you want the clearest view. It you want to start at a specific zone use “@cut to zone __” but if you want the reader to see along the zones you would use “@pan to zone __”. If you want, you can also say stuff like “@CHARACTER walks to screen left in zone 3 AND pan to zone 3” so that the screen will follow the character as it pans.

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Here! You can use my forum if you need help: