New to the community! Wanna make new friends

Hey guys, i’m extremely new to the episode community and i’d love to make fiends cause i don’t really know anyone yet haha
so reply with you instagram username and i’ll follow you and we could chat and get to know each other (ps i’m awkward and shy so try to
dm me first i’ll definitely reply :p)

my instagram: @devynn_writes
hope to make lots of new friends:D

edit: ahaha this was flagged (not sure why D:)
feel free to pm me if you want! i’d love to make forums friends too <3


Welcome to the community and good luck with your story (if you ever write one/are writing one) as well as everything else. (:
I know you’ll make some great friends here and have some wonderful experiences.


Welcome to the community tho


hii welcome to the community <3
my instagram is @episodekaywrites feel free to dm me :cowboy_hat_face:

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Duplicate closed. Please refer to I'd love to follow YOUR Instagram to share IG accounts. :smiley: