New to the Forum - A little about ourselves!



Hello! We are new to this forum and This is our twin account and we will both be sharing. I’m Alex and my twin is Kari. We are both writing a story on episode currently which will be our first one. But anyways - here’s a little about ourselves:

About Alex:

I really like astrology and I research all the zodiac signs and their personality traits. I am a actor, singer, dancer and I’m currently doing musical theater and once I do enough of those shows I’ll be moving on to the TV/Film Industry.

About Kari:

Kari says she loves art and is very creative. She is obsessed with aesthetic style and enjoys kawaii style too. She wants to be a engineer and create stuff.


Welcome to the Episode forums community! :heart:


Thank you! <3


Hey guys! Welcome! :heart:


Welcome to Episode forum remeber to have fun and play fair and don’t break the rules and Episode forum is a familyyy


also can I see kari art


Thank you @Alexwrites and @linalilly10!




Can I see some of the art you said shes an artist


Oh sure.



WOW amazing wanna join a art group


also you should make the ears up and maybe make the eyebrown not be see with the hair


yes, i’d love to. and i’m new to this so. also thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


your welcome do you guys have discord


yeah we do.


mine (kari’s) is beccania#2144


Hey and welcome I literally joined like an hour ago so we can be newbies together :revolving_hearts:



thanks! we can also be friends :slight_smile: