New to the Forum - Would this work?



Hey everyone,

I’m new to the forum and to writing on episode. I haven’t actually started composing my story on episode yet as I started writing this without it in mind. So if I’ve posted this in the wrong place and/or is not acceptable I do apologise and feel free to move/remove.

I’ve read a lot of great stories on there recently and each story has helped and is still helping me escape stuff I’m currently dealing with.

It’s inspired me to create my own story as a lot of the content on there is cliche and not my cup of tea. But the gems I have found are very few and far between.

I’m not really writing this to get reads it’s more just for me. I don’t have a plot really yet either so I’m kinda going into this blind which in my opinion fits the story.

So far I have established that what I’m going to portray is a tale about a lad named Guy and it’s from his point of view. He visits a certain road on the outskirts of his neighbourhood on the same night every year. The chapter opens with him at this road for the fourth year in a row. On this night Guy breaks down and battles with his emotions and is uncertain what to do. He questions himself and his life after an event / series of events that led and started on this night 4 years ago.

He hasn’t spoken to anyone about it and won’t but yet his friends know something happened but unsure what. They’ve supported him regardless. However eventually they can all only support the unknown for so long without losing patience.

I believe this will be a drama. It’s music inspired but it’s not about music. It will feature Songs that have touched me or have great memories of at some point in my life. It’s taken me some time to write the first chapter which is still not complete as I’m still working my way through it.

I haven’t written anything in 10/15 years and I’m absolutely terrified right now at just the thought of sharing this :see_no_evil:

So I was wondering if anyone would like to preview what has been written so far? Obviously there is some description of the setting etc included in the writing which of course if I decide to publish this on episode would be removed as backgrounds would do that all for me.

I’m not really after feedback or suggestions just general thoughts if this is something that could work on episode or whether it would be better if kept as a written story.

If the brief description has made you at all curious please feel free to comment and/or DM me and I’ll be happy and terrified to share it with you :3

P.S I’d be more than happy to return the favour.


Girl, I think this story would be AMAZING! I’d definitely read and don’t be shy or scared! You’ll get there, I only started writing a few months ago and my story is kinda a cliche but with original parts to it and I was like “I’d be lucky if I got 5 reads or not even that” now I’m nearly at 1K (922) it doesn’t matter about the reads, you know that. Write whatever comes to mind, people will love it I can garrantee you! Feel free to pm me if you need help (even though I’m only a basic director and cant use overlays):joy: or if you have insta, message me on there (it’s easier) @epi_riley you’ll do great, keep your chin up, don’t give up and have patience’s. Don’t rush or think “I shouldn’t add this because the readers might not like it” who cares? Write for you and do you girl!:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


@Rilez02 Thank you so much for your kind words :hugs: They mean a lot!

The shyness I’m trying to conquer hence the post :see_no_evil: And I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels/felt that way.

That’s exactly what I’m aiming for. The story is really just for me however if anyone else reads it that would be a bonus :blush: I’m still undecided whether I will put this on Episode or I’ll stick it in wattapad or something.

I’d love to give your story a read :blush: I’ll dm you so you can share t if you like and if you want to I’ll share the first completed chapter of mine :3

Thanks again for the love :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


No problem :blush: you’re so sweet!:purple_heart:
I was actually the same at the start, I was terrified. Especially to post on the forum but I got over it eventually and started posting more :slight_smile:️ You’ll find a bunch of sweet, amazing people in this community and I’m so glad I could help
Awww thank you so much, it means a lot and keep me updated if you end up publishing when it’s finished because I’ll definitley read it :heart_eyes: :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


N’awww shucks! I try :joy:

That’s great to hear and reassuring! :blush:

Of course! I’ve dm you so you can take a peek for now :see_no_evil: I look forward to reading yours too!

Thanks so much again for the support :slight_smile:️ You’re such a doll! :purple_heart::clap:t3:


Honestly my love, promote yourself and get yourself out there! Tell us why your story stands out! I am sure it is a great read!

You will attract some amazing people (still do not know why people do not drop kick me because I promote quite a bit!)

Would love to check your story out as well!


@Days Thank you so much for advice and the encouraging words! It means so much! :purple_heart:

It’s still early days for me yet but maybe one day once I’ve decided whether I want to share it on episode I can take the next step in promoting and what not :blush:

And so you should promote the hell out of something you are proud of! I’m with you on that girl!

I’ll share the link with you via dm. Thanks so much for taking the time out to share your thoughts :slight_smile:️:purple_heart:


Thanks so much! I am starting to read it and I like what I am reading so far.


No thank you for taking the time out to read it :blush: I really appreciate it.

I know there’s a few typos in there and those will be fixed before starting the next chapter.


Hello, just to notify you that I am DM’ed you my thoughts and I want to say how beautiful your first chapter is.


Hi @Days Thank you so much <3 I’ll check it out now :blush:


Awesome :gift_heart::gift_heart: