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Welcome to teh forum!

I love rainbows and would love to be friends! Welcome to the forums!!! Pm me any time you need to!!! If you have a question or multiple let me know! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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heyy there!!
I love rainbows, they’re just so pretty and colourful and there’s just something about the way the colours work together in that order that is just :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: :rainbow::sparkles:

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Hello …and welcome…by the way I am also new…:yum::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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Hey, welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Also, I love rainbows :rainbow: :sparkles:

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Aww your so sweet, wipes fake tear

Rainbows are so pretty


Me too finally someone understands my obsession with them.


Yay glad I’m not the only one,


Yayyyyyyy another rainbow lover :smile: :rainbow:



Hello welcome! :grin:
I’d love to be your friend.
If u have any questions or you need someone to talk to my PMs are open.

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Welcome to the forums @Rainbow_lover90!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
yes, you made a both wise and great decision to join the forums- it’s an amazing place. I swear to god, this not only helped me with Episode, it helped me with life, and so to countless others,

Yes, I absolutely love rainbows, as they’re so beautiful, and arched, and colourful, and represent good. And I don’t see them often,

I hope you have a great time here! :smile:

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Hiii! I am Saasha! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a nice time here.

If you need anything please feel free to PM me anytime. :grin:

And of course. Who does not like rainbows?

And yeah! I’d love to be friends with you!

Wassu? I’m Leslie Giselle and Welcome to forums! I would love to be friends. I mean who doesn’t love making new friends :woman_shrugging:.

Rainbows?? Girl I love them bc of the leprechauns :sweat_smile:.

Wanna chat?? Then shoot me a pm!

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:smirk: I know only one leprechaun

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:rainbow: Hi Rainbow, welcome to the forums. I hope to see you around! :rainbow:


Oh no I’ve been exposed! runs away

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