New to the forums


Hi! My name is Jamie! I’m new to the forums, as I recently joined. I love to do art, but I’ve never tried my hand at digital art. I am considering trying it soon, though. I also love writing! I am not going to start any story planning for a few weeks, as well as art. But I hope to get acquainted with some members! Some things about me:
-I am 16(17 as of a October!)
-I am in band! I love playing flute! I got a little rusty over the summer, hehe.
-I am in yearbook! I was accepted into yearbook and we are working on a cool theme. So naturally I am currently obtaining the skill of photography! (Still learning the art of it).
-I love working with others so collabs sound great!
-studies come First for me… over everything! So I may not be too active the next few weeks due to classes, tests, band, and yearbook. So packed!

I am going on vacation this weekend, and next weekend so I won’t be too active. I also have a few quizzes coming up and I need to settle into school since we just started. But once I’m more organized and have a solid foundation for school, I will jump into the community! I hope to get to know some of you, and have a great time with you all!

If you’d like to ask me any questions, or perhaps just become a friend of mine, you can private message me!

~Jamie x2 (Moshix2)


Welcome to the forums!!!


Hello Jamie welcome to the greatest addiction ever! I’m chocolate Mama but you can call me chocolate or choco.

I’d love to see someday!

Heyyo im 16 and my sister’s birthday is on the 1st :joy:

Dude that’s so frosting awesome!!!

That’s pretty great!

I’m sure you’ll find partners here :grinning:

I getcha toe your time.

It’s greta to meet you though be you can message me anytime. I’m also on here A lot :joy:. Also I have 11 forum kids trust me you’ll here forum marriage for a while :joy: but yes welcome and I hope I can see you round. I’m mostly in the PM’s and Roleplay areas but you have a friend in me whenever.

Also here’s a screaming cookie :cookie: enjoy your day!


Hi welcom
I have no friends but my group Episode harmony would you like to be friends


I’d love to be friends! Never did anyone any harm to chat a bit about common interests and art, right?


Tysm! you’re so nice! Thanks for this x3


Awwww thank you!!! Also of course I love meeting new people in the good ole forums!


Welcome to the Forums! How’s life?


Surprisingly good right now! School isn’t too bad…

Then again, how good does it get?

Not very

For me
Rawr xd


Lucky! Well, I’d love to become friends, is that alright?


Hey, welcome! :blush:


Hey, I’m Once. Welcome to the forums, Jamie! I hang around the General Chat, RP/SG Community, and PMs most of the time.

I’ve never taken up art before, but I love writing. While I wanted to learn the flute, I didn’t join Band because I wanted to organize my first year beforehand, so I joined Vocal instead. I was in the Yearbook Committee too! However, my task was organizing the yearbook itself, so I didn’t accumulate photography skills from the experience, though there is a photography class now.

Have fun on vacation, and I hope your studies go well!


Hi, Jamie! I’m Rose, welcome to the forums! :smile:


Hi Jamie. Welcome to the forums! :heart:

Though I am sure you must be tired of hearing this lol.





Not tired of it yet x3

Digital art tips?



Thanks! My yearbook teacher wanted us all to do a bit of something, so we split up sports games in groups of 2-3 and other activities :slight_smile:


Welcome to the episode forums!
Oh my lord, your birthday is literally on a one day difference to mine.:laughing:


That’s cool! Thanks for welcoming me!