New User need help with episode story


Hi i’m new to this whole episode I have been reading stories and I’ve always wanted to make a story and I’m sturggling with episode ideas is there anyone that can help me with ideas.


Hie… I can help with the ideas if you want.


Pm me if you are interested in taking my help… I would love to help


Ooooooooo I am full of ideas!! Not sure if you’d want to write something about them, but I could help for sure!!! :sunglasses:


Ok thank you. I want to write a romantic story but a story that is different any ideas??


So you could do like a dark romance. Like the MC and their chosen love interest are like murderers or drug dealers/makers (Or some other illegal thing) and they’re madly in love but also running from the law. You could also do like a school romance where the MC’s like an ordinary kid, but meets the love interest at the grocery store (or something) and learns that like the love interest is a multi-billionaire who’s on the run from a murder & since both of them were seen together they both have to run from the murder… something like that maybe?


i like them both but I think I might do the second one so like a story where the MC never thought her life would change as much as it did.


ooooo fancy! Have fun & hopefully this helped a bit! :sunglasses: