New Writer Alert!

Good Evening All,

My name is Shenita, Nita for short, and I am a little overwhelmed with everything that is involved with getting a story up for Episode, but I’m working through it. I am currently working on Episode 3 of my first story, “Blind Love.” Once I’m finished I would like some fellow Episodians to review it and provide me some feedback. I am also open to doing a read for a read if anyone needs it.

I also need a little help with finding an artist to do a cover for my story as well as some character art as well. There are a lot of artists to choose from, but I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions?

Thank you!
Nita J.


i do ALL of those just tell me what u need and u wil get it in an hour or less just go to the site fill out the form

Thank you Piper! I will do that.

your welcome

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