New writer here in need of background characters

Hey I’m new on the forum and I’m writing my very first story and I need help(I have a co writer already though shoutouts to @olivia_megan)
But I need some background characters so if you could all save me the time and if you are interested in being a co writer or just helping me please reply to this message thank you in advance and if you can follow my lovely co writer Olivia you can find her username for Instagram in the third line once again thank you so much



Here’s you can use this character as a background character

Here’s mine :hugs:
Credit my Instagram if you want: @lesliev.writes

Thank you all so much do you guys want any credit for it

- you can name whatever you’d like - if not - I go by belle <3
- no credit needed

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I would love to be a background character! :sweat_smile:
I would appreciate it if you could give credit @annawepisode :heart:
Name: Anna
Outfit: You can choose it yourself, also depending on the scene but I am fine with everything!

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i would prefer it if you gave credit :blush::blush:
(ig: alexandra_episode_ )

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That won’t be a problem

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Thank you all so much :kissing_heart:

Hello! You can use mine, her name is Saffy! My Instagram is episode_saffy, for credits! Also feel free to message me if you ever need anything!

Here you go!

Ignore the “Blue” side! It goes along with my story!

Hey thanks so much do you want credit for it

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Yes please, if it’s not too much trouble! Also, what’s the name of your story? I would love to check it out! :blush:

Feel free to use my details!

Good luck with your story! :white_heart:

I haven’t published yet but when I do I’ll let you know

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Thank you

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