New writer: How do I create children in my story?



I’m doing a flashback scene and my characters are identical twins and I want them to be kids


With the child in my story I have spot directed her through the app and copied the numbers on where she has to be into the script, if you need anymore help follow me on instagram jbrooke.episode and I will message you with more information :blush::blush:


You can’t be writing on a Tablet or phone to do this. First click on directing helper its on the screen for the preview. Then, a section near the bottom screen will appear look for the box or bubble labeled spot helper. Click on spot helper. Then you can change character size and place. When finished with the size and place you look below and it should say Copy. Click copy and paste it into your story. Sorry if this is confusing I’m not very good at explaining


You can use the directing helper to make the characters smaller.


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