NEW WRITER! I need help!

Hi! I’m a new writer and I need some help. First I need help figuring out how to change the height of my characters. My main character is taller then most of my characters when she is supposed to be short. Another one of my characters is supposed to be very tall but he isn’t. I need help with that. Also does anyone have a script template of a school lunch room? I need it to be able to have 3 characters sitting next to each other. I am making a vampire story so I need help knowing how to change a characters lips to the vampire teeth and their eye color without changing the whole story. Like in Bite my Tongue by Alphan or Eat me up. Reply with the script template and if you want dm me on instagram @sarahs.episode.story Thanks :heart: :heart: :heart:


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Thank you so much for the help!

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Hi as a new writer I recomand you to look on joseph evans videos - you can learn there all the necessary basic

Also here you will find lot of great templates and guides:

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I pm’d you

I would recommend atleast learning the basic advance directing and more things before writting a story

And to your questions:

  1. hight of the characters is done by spot directing

  2. school lunchroom you actually do not need template just learn the spot directing and you can easily make it on your own

  3. to change features you have 2 options

a) use command changes - this will change anything permanently till you give this command again. Good for characters that do not have CC so you know exactly how he looks.
b) command previews - it makes the same as changes but temporarily - it keeps till the end of the episode or till you use unpreviews command - good for characters with CC when you don’t know how the reader has changed the character.

the commands are:

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Shape

@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes eyes into Shape

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes face into Shape

@CHARACTER changes nose into Shape

@CHARACTER changes mouth into Shape

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color

@CHARACTER previews feature Color/Shape/Hairstyle

@CHARACTER unpreviews feature Color/Shape/Hairstyle


im not trying to be rude, but wont it be better to like put

if you want to change only eyes and lips there is actually no reason to create extra character for this.
You can if you want to it will at the end look the same but I dont see any big advantage of it


Okay thank you so much ! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I have learned some of it because at first I started a story completely different from the one I’m doing now but I didn’t like that one so now I have to redo a lot.

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Thank you! I watch a lot of Joseph Evans to help me with this.

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