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Hi, everyone, I’m a new writer and I have a couple of questions while I’m writing my first ever story.

  1. How do I make an interactive menu at the start of the episode (so I’ve read some stories where as soon as I begin a chapter, they have menu. They usually have customization, start, skip episode etc. even at the end they would have a menu as well for credits and stuff like that) and the end of the episode?

  2. How do I make my character walk into zone 1 and sink it to where they walk upstairs in zone 2?

  3. How to make my own overlay/ background?

  4. How do I make a cover for my story, or will anyone be able to do it for me :slight_smile: ? if yes or you would like to support me, my Instagram is bcb.episode

Sorry I’m a noob :joy: :sweat_smile:


so go on this

Then click on this
Screenshot 2021-12-25 5.35.05 PM
Then it should lead you to this

Then u upload ur own or let then pick one ig

Hey! Dont worry :hugs:
Here’s ur solution

  1. For interactive menu its called tappable overlays menu…For that u need overlays and background
    U can request in shops for overlays or u can make a separate thread to request :sparkling_heart:
    And for coding that
    Pls read this thread
    A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays

  2. For that u need to learn spot directing and use it in moving ur characters all the time

U can take help from these threads

  1. To make ur own u need to learn editing with the software u are available with and to upload ur own overlays and background
    U can take help from here
    How to upload your own background and overlay

  2. There are 2 main types of cover
    Edited and Drawn
    In under Art Resources category u will find many art shops from which u can request for both edited and drawn covers…
    I myself have a shop if u are interested
    Bloom's Free Art Shop 🥰 [Closed till March 2022]
    If u want high realistic art there are many commission artists who take payment to make arts for u story

And if u want to make urs then also u hv to develop some editing skills :smiling_face:

I hope this helps :sparkling_heart:

If u have any queries with anything feel free to pm me with more questions I would be happy to answer :hugs::snowman_with_snow:

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Don’t worry I’m a noob too :sob:. But here are some youtubers I watch that reallllyyy help

  • Joseph Evans
  • Episode Notes
    and a good website to learn the codes is Dara Amarie’s website, and here’s the link:
    Just go to guides, or tips and tricks
    Hope this helped​:grin::grin:

Hey! Tbh everyone was noob at a time.

Here are some helpful topic’s that might be useful for you.

  1. Mata's Guides - for new writers and old ones

  2. GUIDE: Navigating Your Portal


thank you so much this really helped a lot :two_hearts:

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thank you so so much :heart:

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thank you, ash, :blush:

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Two words:

Joseph Evans.

YouTube him and you’re all (mostly) set.

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